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Tempered glass mechanical condition management concept

Posted by: ZXM ELECTROMECHANICAL    Time:2016-8-10 13:47:23

Glass machinery equipment status management is to carry out comprehensive and standardized technical monitoring and management of glass machinery equipment status through the use of detection and fault diagnosis technology. It is an active equipment maintenance management mode.
      It is mainly based on the technical information such as daily inspection, professional inspection, state inspection and fault diagnosis of glass machinery and equipment, through scientific screening, statistics, analysis and processing, to correctly determine the degree of deterioration and deterioration trend of the technical state of the equipment, Proactive and proper maintenance and repair of equipment is planned before it fails.
      For the implementation of glass machinery equipment status management, while further quantifying and controlling the technical functions and operating status of the equipment, it can also highlight and deepen the work connotation of the implementation of spot inspection management, so as to achieve the purpose of improving equipment maintenance efficiency and reducing maintenance costs. It is based on the actual technical status of the equipment, and formulates real-time and targeted equipment repair plans and programs according to the changing trend of the condition monitoring data and the diagnosis results.
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