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Glass Market Morning News

Posted by: ZXM ELECTROMECHANICAL    Time:2022-12-7 9:51:47

      Yesterday's glass main contract 2301 was weakly volatile, closing at 1384 yuan / ton, down 4 yuan / ton. In terms of spot, the average price of the domestic float glass market yesterday did not change much from previous days. According to yesterday's Longzhong data, the total inventory of the glass factory warehouse is 72.57 million heavy containers, which is in a state of continuous accumulation, and the operating rate has also decreased compared with last week. Overall, the supply of glass continued to decline, and the terminal transaction performance was affected by the slump in the real estate industry and the epidemic in some parts of China, and the high inventory pressure did not improve in the short term. In the later stage, it is necessary to closely follow the development of the epidemic and changes in epidemic prevention policies, as well as real estate sales and high-frequency production and sales data of glass, flexibly treat the low bearish market, rebound and match shorts, and cautiously chase shorts.
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