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Bearing straight-edge grinding machine

Product Details

Machine introduction
The machine adopts PLC control, chamfer and bottom side of the one-time polishing, the front chamfer angle is arbitrarily adjusted between 0 ° ~ 45 °, according to customer needs to customize different angles of the model, and display angle and chamfer width on the touch screen, automatic grinding can be more accurate to adjust and set the parameters of the front chamfer.
The machine also adopts rolling friction without chain drive front and rear pressure transfer plate, high processing efficiency, good effect (processing finish close to the parent finish), wide processing range, simple and convenient operation.
Technical parameter
Grinding speed: 0.5~8m/min
Grinding thickness: 3mm~25mm
Total weight: 8000kg
Minimum glass width: 40X40mm
MAX.Bevel Width: 22kw
Total power: 35kw
Base Dimensions: 9.5mx1.2mx2.7m

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