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Straight edge grinding machine

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Machine introduction
The machine is used for grinding and polishing the bottom edge and edges and corners of flat glass. Special telescopic plates are used to grind glass of different thicknesses. This machine is simple to operate, reliable control, the front rail can be moved in parallel, the holding glass is convenient and reliable, the chamfered grinding wheel adopts a pallet, and there is no vibration when grinding, of which the 9325P model with separate wool polishing can ensure high polishing brightness, reasonable cutting distribution, low processing cost and stable quality. ABB motors are available in all models.
Technical parameter
Total power: 18kw
Grinding Speed:0.8~4m/min
Glass thickness: 3mm~25mm
Total Weight: 2800kg width: 80mm
Base Dimensions: 6.9mx1mx2.5m

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