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Bevel edge grinding machine

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Machine introduction
The machine adopts short section huge roller chain transmission pressure plate, the grinding head adopts ABB motor with high precision, low energy consumption and strong stability, the main transmission adopts stepless reducer adjustment, synchronous belt transportation, mainly used for grinding glass bevel, a variety of combinations of beveled edge. Fine grinding and polishing, as well as bottom edge grinding, are done in one pass. It has the characteristics of high processing efficiency, good quality, stable performance, simple operation and low loss.
Technical parameter
Range of speed: 0.5~4m/min size: 80mmX80mm
Glass thickness: 4mm~15mm
Max.bevel width: 50mm
Bevel angle: 0°~25°
Total power: 22.5kw
Base Dimension: 7.6mx1.2mx2.6m

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